Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally got the book up on Kindle and sent announcements. Here's the copy:

To health professionals, their programs, and their families:
I'm a retired psychiatrist in the US.
I hope my Kindle e-book on stress and suicide within the health professions can reach all levels, from student to retiree. The title is
Intravenous Hope, Stat!
We Need to Help Stressed or Suicidal Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Therapists and Their Relatives. 

In this book I emphasize support and prevention, while recognizing the despair of those reaching the end of their coping abilities. The "We" in the above subtitle implies that all of us share a responsibility for health professionals' wellbeing.
This responsibility needs to be borne not only by us as professionals, but also by our patients, our family members, and the general public.
Many thanks for distributing this note to those concerned about stress levels in your profession.

Intravenous Hope, Stat! is on this Kindle page.
William R. Taylor, M.D.

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